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RecurDyn is used in various fields including automobiles, construction equipment, defense industry, office equipment, and precision equipment in 30 countries including the U.S., Japan, Germany, China, and Korea. It is currently used by 550 companies and 200 universities.

As the number of RecurDyn clients increases continuously every year, RecurDyn has been used in more and more fields in various countries and RecurDyn success stories have increased. In this paper, we’d like to introduce a few representative success stories.

Sany Heavy Industry, Co., Ltd. is the No. 1 construction equipment manufacturer in China, and No. 6 in the world. The company is famous for manufacturing the world’s largest crawler crane.

The company simulated a variety of its representative construction equipment as well as the world’s largest crawler crane using RecurDyn to study and solve their technical problems.


♦Technical problems during the development of the world’s largest crawler crane

While developing the world’s largest crawler crane, Sany Heavy Industry tested the multi-track system of the crawler crane and found that each track does not rotate smoothly. To solve this problem, they used RecurDyn, which has a specialized toolkit for track systems (caterpillar).

♦Solving the problem using RecurDyn

To test whether the multi-track system rotates smoothly, Sany Heavy Industry used RecurDyn to model the multi-track system with flexible bodies. They performed a dynamic analysis using the model to monitor the behavior of the model according to the distribution of forces. They also performed a co-simulation with a control model to get more accurate data.

As a result, they were able to obtain the optimized data necessary for the final design of the crane. They were able to arrive at a solution faster than testing with an actual model, which significantly reduced manufacturing costs and time.