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Static Solver & Quasi-static Analysis 글 편집

FFlex Static, a powerful nonlinear system static solver that surpasses the traditional FEA using MFBD technology.

RecurDyn's Static Solver allows the stable and accurate Static Equilibrium State calculations of both Rigid and RFlex bodies.

Based on the N-R Static solvers, RecurDyn's Static Solver can be used for FEA static analysis as well as quasi-static analysis using MFBD technology (referred to as FFlex Static).

FFlex Static can quickly and accurately perform static analysis of nonlinear MFBD system models involving contacts.



  • By calculating the initial equilibrium state of a model such as vehicle or excavator in advance, the simulation speed and accuracy can be improved.
  • Total simulation time can be reduced by tuning a model through static analysis before dynamic analysis.
  • When the effect of inertia is small, the behavior of the model can be quickly observed using quasi-static analysis.
  • It is possible to investigate the system’s range of motion or the interference between bodies through static analysis.
  • RecurDyn's static solver can solve the equations of motion for static, quasi-static, and dynamic simulations using the same model.

FFlex Static

  • Structural analysis of flexible bodies can confirm deformation and stress in a static state.
  • Supports both static analysis and quasi-static simulation of an MFBD model considering not only self contact of FFlex body but also contact with other bodies.
  • When a deformed shape of a flexible body is required, it can be obtained by using static analysis or quasi-static simulation and extracting the results.

Application Examples of static / quasi-static simulation

Tensioned state can be obtained using RecurDyn static solver

<Calculation of tensioned state using static analysis >

Track link test using static analysis

<Track link test using static analysis​>

Structural analysis of a chassis​ using RecurDyn Static Solver

<Structural analysis of a chassis​>

Calculation of the Initial equilibrium state of a vehicle​ using static analysis

<Initial equilibrium state of a vehicle​>

quasi-static analysis using RecurDyn

<Behavior investigation using quasi-static analysis​>

MFBD Static Analysis using RecurDyn.gif

Quasi-static analysis is useful when the system operates at a relatively slow speed, minimizing the impact of acceleration and inertia. With quasi-static analysis, the transient behavior of the MFBD model can be quickly analyzed. Additionally, quasi-static analysis enables the determination of the system's equilibrium states under various conditions, including different force conditions or system postures.