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Applications in Automotive Industry 글 편집

Modern society has grown significantly due to the development of automotive and mobility, and RecurDyn is at the center of the evolution. See how RecurDyn has utilized in the autimotive industry with a variety of examples.


RecurDyn enable you to reduce costs and development time through simulation.

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Noise and Vibration

After conducting dynamic analysis of a vehicle, the various factors causing noises and vibrations can be analyzed using a variety of post-processing functions and subsequently reduced.

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Ride Comfort, Steering

Through dynamic-based vehicle driving simulations, ride comfort, steering feel, and driving performance can be quantitatively evaluated to enhance overall performance.

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Durability of Components

Conducting durability analysis with consideration of deformation and vibration over time can predict the fatigue life or enhance the durability of vehicle components.

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Optimization of Geometry and Parameter

Confirms interference and concentrated loads during dynamic operation and optimizes shapes or parameters accordingly.

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Determination of Vehicle's Optimum Motor Capacity

Determining optimum motor capacity by calculating torque variance and maximum torque in motion can help save costs and improve safety.

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Evaluation of Lubrication Performance

Through co-simulation between multibody dynamics and CFD, oil lubrication paths can be optimized and the impact of lubricants during operation of vehicle components can be evaluated.

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▶ Driving Simulation

Driving simulation of a vehicle with the steering system and suspension

Virtual suspension test including tire

Vehicle Performance Evaluation using Multi-Body Dynamics Software

▶ Powertrain Simulation

Engine and transmission simulation with geartrain and other components

Engine simulation with Piston, crankshaft, belt and chain

Lubrication of the differential gear box

Transmission Simulation

▶ Simulation of other components

Brake device with the contact between flexible parts

Ball screw mechanism in a power steering

Parking brake simulation

Another ball screw simulation video

▶ Multiphysics vehicle simulation using Multibody Dynamics and CFD

More powerful than FSI (Fluid Structure Interface)

Oil sloshing in a fuel tank and its impact on the bulkhead and the tank surface

Driving simulation on a flooded road using MBDxCFD co-simulation

Oil lubrication in differential gear

Chain lubrication with oil

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