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Are you developing vehicles or automotive components?

If so, you may have validation, troubleshooting, or other issues like:

  • Noise and vibration
  • Ride Comfort, Steering Stability, Steering Response
  • Durability of the components
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Reduction of the development time and cost

Multibody dynamics simulation using RecurDyn is used in automobile and auto parts development for such things as:

  • Driving Performance
  • Steering system performance
  • Ride comfort performance
  • Selection of F/R suspension types and hard points location
  • Suspension compliance optimization (for example: bushings, springs, shocks)
  • Powertrain performance including NVH evaluation including engines, transmissions, drivelines
  • Evaluation of various components such as gears, bearings, belts and chains
  • Braking performance on various road conditions (dry, rainy, snowy)
  • Dynamic behavior and durability analysis of parts like side brakes, clutches, brake pads
  • NVH and transmission error of Transmissions, Transfer Cases, and Differentials
  • Lubrication performance of drivetrain
  • System analysis of various moving components like
    • Passenger seats, doors, sliding doors, tail gates, trunk lids, power windows, wipers


▶ Driving Simulation

Driving simulation of a vehicle
with the steering system and suspension

Virtual suspension test including tire

▶ Powertrain

Engine and transmission simulation with geartrain and other components

Engine simulation with Piston, crankshaft, belt and chain

▶ Other components

Brake device with the contact between flexible parts

Ball screw mechanism in a power steering

▶ Multiphysics simulation using Multibody Dynamics and CFD

More powerful than FSI (Fluid Structure Interface)

Oil sloshing in a fuel tank and its impact on the bulkhead and the tank surface

Driving simulation on a flooded road using MBDxCFD co-simulation

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List of the presentations for each country (presentation materials are not available)


Honda - Study on the Rotating Vibration of Camshaft in High Rotation Area of DOHC 4-cylinder engine


Aisin - An introduction to co-simulation using RecurDyn and MATLAB/Simulink – Power sliding door

BorgWarner - Chain system using RecurDyn


Toyota - Development of forecasting technique for water level in an engine room while driving through flood water using co-simulation of MBD-CFD

Hyundai Motors - Development of flow analysis method of transmission using particle method

IWIS antriebssysteme GmbH & CO.KG - Multibody Simulation for Optimizing Chain Drives

BOSCH - Dynamic Simulation of Non- Harmonic Excited Compression Springs with a Newly Developed Spring Toolkit

ZF TRW - Automated Design Study for Reducing Transient Noises in Worm Drive Steering Systems


UNIVANCE - Co-simulation between RecurDyn and Particleworks for development of automobile transfer


JTEKT - Dynamic behavior analysis related to torque loss of needle roller bearing


Hyundai Motors - Dynamic analysis of gear train rattle condition in automotive manual transmission using RecurDyn


Porsche - Application of RecurDyn at Porsche Engineering


Hyundai Motors - Computer Aided Analysis and Robust Design of Brake Judder

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