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Basic MBD Models

Basic MBD Models are
the example models for the beginners of Multi-Body Dynamics (MBD) Softwares such as RecurDyn or MBD for ANSYS.

These models consist of motion objects such as Body, Joint, Force and Contact. Since modeling description and datasheet are provided based on MBD for ANSYS, users can try to experience how to create basic MBD models using any kind of MBD softwares.

For your reference, model files of MBD for ANSYS or RecurDyn are provided together.

1) If you are an ANSYS Workbench user and have Mechanical-related package and Design Modeler, you can download MBD for ANSYS Lite and use it for these Basic MBD Models (free evaluation for 30 days)


2) You can request RecurDyn or MBD for ANSYS trial license.

(* For RecurDyn : / * For MBD for ANSYS :

  1. Basic MBD Model

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