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MBD for ANSYS Lite 글 편집

Multi-Body Dynamics for ANSYS download lite version
Study Motion in ANSYS® with Multi-Body Dynamics software Tightly integrated into ANSYS Workbench ™

Download 30 days free trial version of MBD for ANSYS – motion analysis tool for the evaluation purpose. You can download, install and use MBD for ANSYS Lite without any license file for 30 days (You need some prerequisites of ANSYS Workbench modules or ANSYS student version)

  1. ANSYS Design Modeler software or ANSYS SpaceClaim is required
  2. Any of the next ANSYS packages is required (ANSYS Multiphysics™, ANSYS Mechanical™, ANSYS Structural™, ANSYS Professional™ NLS, ANSYS Professional™ NLT)

You can do the educational materials in the technical support site such as Tutorial, e-Learning, Basic MBD Models.

MBD for ANSYS Lite has some limitations there is no problem to experience the advantages of MBD for ANSYS.

If you want to know more about MBD for ANSYS,

  1. 4 Advantages of MBD for ANSYS and its features
  2. Download MBD for ANSYS Brochure

You can download RecurDyn Student version from this link . There is no MBD for ANSYS student version, but students can use MBD for ANSYS lite and this can be used with ANSYS student version.


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MBD for ANSYS Lite has the following limitations.

  • 20 or less total number of entities (bodies + joints + forces + contacts + expressions)
  • 7 or less entities for any entity type
  • 3 or less expressions
  • The following entities are not supported:
    • Joints: Screw, Universal, Con.Vel, PTCV, CVCV, Coupler, Gear, CMotion
    • Forces: Bushing
    • Contacts: CurveCurve
    • Data Splines
  • The MBD results viewer can’t be executed standalone – it must be invoked from the MBD for ANSYS toolbar