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Use RecurDyn multibody dynamics simulation to develop your robots or components.

RecurDyn is an innovative simulator for:

Walking robots, manufacturing robots, robot arms, parallel robots, ...


Are you developing a Robot or related components?

If so, you may have validation, troubleshooting, or other issues like:

  • Difficulty defining appropriate motion of each joint in the early stages of robot development
  • Selection of optimum motor capacity or determination of motion appropriate for the allowable capacity
  • Deformation and vibration of parts and joints due to high-speed operation
  • Validation of abnormal operation detection and countermeasure algorithms
  • Validation of the posture control, speed control, or various other actions including walking
  • Reduction of energy consumption through weight reduction and optimization
  • Difficulty in designing springless shock absorption mechanisms in miniature robots
  • Potential of product damage to the robot or operator injury during testing

Multibody dynamics simulation using RecurDyn is used in robotics and robot component development for such things as:

  • Calculation of motion for each joint of a robot using inverse kinematics
  • Optimum motor capacity selection through the calculation of torque variance and maximum torque
  • Evaluation of influence of deformation and vibration of the robot’s parts on precision of its motion and durability analysis of parts and joints through simulation
  • Simulation and evaluation of shock and vibration experienced by parts such as bodies, wheels, arms, and legs
  • Verification of behavior algorithms such as posture, speed control, obstacle avoidance, walking and stair climbing of a complete robot that includes a controller
  • Determination of the optimal gain for PID control
  • Energy consumption reduction through weight reduction and optimization
  • Virtual robot simulation without damage and safety risks


▶ Manufacturing Robot Development

Robot arm simulation using RecurDyn

Simulation of pick and place operations using a robot arm

Manufacturing robot simulation using flexible bodies

Prediction of the applied load to the robot parts
and durability analysis

▶ Robot Driving Simulation

Simulation of a stair-climbing robot

Stair-ascending operation of a walking humanoid

Driving simulation of a gyrosphere robot

Line tracer verification using a virtual robot model

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Click the image for the detailed case studies, including walking robot simulation, parallel robot, wearable robot, robot arm and robot controller validation.


Wearable robot simulation


Four-legged robot


Washing robot simulation


In-pipe robot simulation


LCD transfer robot


Parallel robot simulation

List of the presentations for each country   (presentation materials are not available)


Gyeongnam Technopark -   Design of 4-axis palletizing robot using technique of controller optimization


Korea Institute of Robot and Convergence  - Development of professional service robot with multi-degree-of-freedom using MBD for ANSYS

Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen -  Support for the Application Assessment of Collaborative Robot Systems by Multibody Simulation


Prof. Zheng  - The Design and Simulation of Assistive Robot for Disabled 

Prof. Huang - Walking State Analysis of Robot Control Using RecurDyn Simulation


Hanwha - A study of the design and analysis method to reduce the impact vibration of a mobile robot

Hanwha - A study of the design and analysis method to reduce the impact vibration of a mobile robot

ITRI - Six-Axis Articulated Robot Calibration Issues

NCTU  - Robot Claw with Flexible Driving Simulation


NCTU - Trajectory Planning with Energy Efficiency for Robotic Manipulators


IDAJ Co. LTD  - Multibody dynamics simulation and contact parameter of snake robot with three-dimensional motion

NCTU  - The Trajectory Planning and Dynamic Simulation of Robot

Mitsuba - Analysis of noise and vibration of a small motor using RecurDyn


TTDC - Development of partner robot using RecurDyn as a software test tool

Yaskawa  - Dynamic analysis for motion control


KITECH  - The case of dog horse robot modeling using RecurDyn

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Click the image to watch how to use RecurDyn



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