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Fatigue and durability analyses are designed to determine how long a flexible body or specific area of a flexible body modeled in RecurDyn can stably endure various dynamic loads. Such analyses can also determine how stable a body is. The focus on time distinguishes these forms of analysis from other analysis methods, such as those used to determine maximum stress and maximum deformation rates.

This tutorial teaches you how to use RecuDyn/Durability to determine the fatigue life and fatigue damage in a dynamic system composed of flexible bodies. This tutorial also briefly describes functions and theoretical backgrounds used in RecurDyn/Durability. Thus, even users who do not have a thorough grounding in the theoretical background of durability analysis can learn to use RecurDyn/Durability simply by completing this tutorial.

This tutorial uses the MBD model, which features a simplified system intended for experimental purposes. By following the steps in this tutorial, you will learn how to replace specific sections of the flexible bodies in the model using RecurDyn/Mesher and verify the properties and durability results of these flexible bodies. Later in this tutorial, you will learn how to produce durability results for a specific section of the model.