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Use RecurDyn multibody dynamics simulation to develop your aerospace products. RecurDyn is an innovative simulator for a range of applications, including aircraft, helicopters, satellites, and drones

- flap and slat control, landing and taxing simulation, the deployment of solar panels or antannas, ...

Are you developing aerospace products or related components ?

If so, you may have validation, troubleshooting, or other issues like:

  • Very time-consuming and costly testing using physical prototypes
  • Loads on ultra-large machines that are difficult to measure
  • Environments that are unreproducible in physical tests, such as zero or low gravity
  • Potential of product damage or operator injury during testing
  • Verification of deformation or vibration conditions required for precise operation
  • Validation of abnormal operation detection and countermeasure algorithms
  • Acquisition of data that is difficult to obtain through experiments
  • Energy consumption reduction through weight reduction and optimization
  • Durability analysis of various components

Multibody dynamics simulation using RecurDyn is used in aerospace product development for such things as:

  • Reproducing zero- or low-gravity environments
  • Virtual simulation without damage and safety risks
  • Validation of various algorithms through co-simulation between a controller and RecurDyn
  • Optimization of energy consumption through quantitative evaluation of the energy required for operation
  • Stability verification during take-off and landing of airplanes, spacecraft, helicopters, and drones
  • Validation of various products used in the aerospace industry, including landing gear simulation, opening/closing devices, and fixtures
  • Analysis of wing flap and slat mechanisms
  • Verification of the operation of deployable devices such as solar panels and antennas of satellites
  • NVH analysis of mechanisms such as helicopter rotor blades
  • Evaluation of dynamic behavior in snow or rain conditions through MBD x CFD co-simulation
  • Product evaluation operating on the surface of the moon or Mars

제목_applications.jpg Diverse applications of simulation in the Aerospace industry

Various Applications in Aerospace industry
(Landing Gear, Satellite, Helicopter)

Helicopter Simulation

Landing Gear Simulation

Solar array deployment of a Satellite

제목_case studies.jpg

Click the image for the detailed case studies, including solar array deployment simulation, wearable robot simulation, removal/installation of engine and more, relevant to aerospace simulation.


Removal/Installation of
Engine with Winch System


Wearable Robot


Solar array deployment
of a Satellite


Washing Robot


Dust Removal
on Solar Panel


Stair Climbing Robot

List of the presentations for each country (presentation materials are not available)


Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI) - 발사체 지상 고정장치의 발사체 고정 해체에 대한 연구A study on the dismantling of VHD (Vehicle Holding Device)


Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI) - The dynamic analysis of solar panel extension on the low earth orbit-satellite

LIG Nex1 - The stability analysis of projectile launcher related on lunching initial position


LIGNex1 - Safety assessment for a lifting gear with miniaturization lightening of weight based on center of gravity

Hanwha - Dynamic analysis of unguided multiple rocket for the initial launching stage

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Click the image to watch how to use RecurDyn.



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