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This tutorial covers how to perform co-simulation between RecurDyn and Particleworks. In this tutorial, co-simulation is performed on the dynamic interaction between the flexible bodies of RecurDyn and the fluid particles of Particleworks. 

The model that will be covered in this tutorial is the Styler mechanism. The Styler is used to shake off the dust attached to cloth and to remove its wrinkles with steam. This tutorial analyzes the dynamic interaction between the clothes, which is expressed as a flexible body, and the steam, which is expressed as particles. After the co-simulation, we will also check the stress formed as the particles touch the flexible body, using the Contour function of RecurDyn.

This tutorial covers the following topics:

  • How to export *.wall files of rigid and flexible bodies in a RecurDyn model
  • How to create particles in Particleworks
  • How to set fluid properties in Particleworks
  • How to perform co-simulation in RecurDyn
  • How to perform post-processing in RecurDyn