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Are you developing construction machinery or related equipment?

If so, you may have validation, troubleshooting, or other issues like:

  • Noise and vibration of the powertrain and related components
  • Driving performance on rough roads like unpaved roads, gravel roads, swamps
  • Side slope stability, grade climbing
  • Loads on ultra-large machines that are difficult to measure
  • Durability of components
  • Stability during operation (excavating, loading, unloading, ...)
  • Ride Comfort, Steering Stability, Steering Response

Multibody dynamics simulation using RecurDyn is used in construction machinery and equipment development for such things as.

  • Prediction of the noise and vibration during driving or operation
  • Prediction of the load and stress to each component
  • Design to avoid the rollover during excavating or loading/unloading operation
  • Evaluation of vibration characteristic differences arising from track link material (Rubber, steel)
  • Determination of driving loads on tracks and prediction of friction wear
  • Durability analysis of components in an ultra-large machine that are difficult to test
    • For example: gears, bearings, races, arms, struts
  • Driving performance and stability on rugged slopes
  • Construction machinery powertrain performance, including NVH evaluation
  • Analysis of lubricating film of various parts
  • Design optimization to improve the fuel efficiency
  • Optimization of control algorithms to improve the efficiency of hydraulic and electric excavators
  • Ride comfort and operator safety evaluation


▶ Construction Equipment

Construction machineries simulated
by RecurDyn


Virtual test bed for Fortlift using
Multi-Body Dynamics

Excavator off-road driving simulation
using RecurDyn and DEM

Checks the characteristics of the vibration applied to the vehicle lower frame when it runs on a rough road

▶ Power Systems

Prediction of the oil accumulation
on the spinning wheel

Engine simulation with
Piston, crankshaft, belt and chain

▶ Multiphysics simulation using Multibody Dynamics and CFD/DEM

More powerful than FSI (Fluid Structure Interface)

Oil sloshing in a fuel tank and its impact
on the bulkhead and the tank surface

RecurDyn x EDEM coupled simulation
(performance compariso of 4-wheel drive loader)

Car on the Flooded Road
using MBDxCFD co-simulation

Bucket elevator simulation using Co-simulation
using RecurDyn and EDEM

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List of the presentations for each country  (presentation materials are not available)


Hitachi Construction Machinery - Integrated MBD-FE coupled simulation of the large hydraulic excavator using RecurDyn

Honda - A Study on the Rotating Vibration of Camshaft in High Rotation Area of DOHC 4 cylinder engine


Doosan Infracore - Development of prediction technology for workload using virtual excavator


KITECH - development of construction equipment of environment-friendly mechanical type for urban regeneration


Doosan Infracore - The case of hydraulic control system and dynamic integrated simulation of construction equipment


Toyota - CAE engineering development and its application for vibration of engine

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