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This section introduces a case where Hitachi Construction Machinery (HCM) used multi-flexible body dynamics (MFBD) in RecurDyn/Pro and RecurDyn/FFlex to perform analyses.
(Another HCM analysis is provided at this link.)

HCM revealed that they had considered other software but decided to adopt RecurDyn because it is easy to use, provides excellent analysis results using MFBD technology, and they could receive fast technical support and proactive upgrade services.

One of HCM’s goals was to evaluate in advance the strength of the arm or body frame of their excavator when it collides with an obstacle as it turns. RecurDyn/FFlex was very useful in this case because you need to define the contact between flexible bodies in the model and the impact of such contact was very important.

If you are unable to watch this video, click the link below.

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Another goal was to perform driving analyses using the tracks. They could use RecurDyn/TrackTM to analyze in advance the behavior of the track links of a track under various surface conditions.

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(Watch youku video)

For your information, RecurDyn is widely used by renowned construction machinery manufacturers around the world to develop products and verify their performance.

The following is a list of some examples.


1) CNH’s Track Loader: A Success Story

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