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Do you have any of these concerns?

  • Physical prototyping and testing take too long and cost too much.
  • I want to test the operation under malfunction conditions or extreme conditions.
  • I want to accurately predict product failure, durability, and damage.
  • There are not enough tests to validate product performance.
  • It is necessary to take measures against the risk of human injury or damage to the product during the test process.

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Are you still only using physical prototypes for testing?

  • Simulation and virtual testing are more cost and time efficient than physical testing.
  • Various operating conditions, product failure, and durability can be predicted.
  • There is no need to worry about operator risk or damage to the prototype.


RecurDyn Engine-Piston

Virtual design and testing examples using dynamic simulation

  • Prediction of driving force/torque required for operation
  • Check vibration and noise generated during low/high-speed operation
  • Control of a mechatronic product using controllers
  • Deformation or damage of a product during operation
  • Prediction of transmission errors of a gearbox
  • The behavior of lubricant in a transmission that is difficult to check by experiment
  • Dynamic behavior of various assemblies in motion

"The higher speed and lower cost of simulation allow for more design alternatives to be evaluated than could be done with physical testing."

600+ companies in over 30 countries use RecurDyn for virtual design and testing.

Worldwide, major companies such as Samsung, LG, OTIS, John Deere, Volkswagen, Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Siemens, and others in over 30 countries are using RecurDyn as their virtual simulation tool.

The presentation lists of RecurDyn Users Conference for each country

RecurDyn is being used for virtual design and test by 600+ companies over 30 countries

Various case studies of virtual design and test using RecurDyn

1. Robot (LIG Nex 1)

The video is not directly related to this case.

  • Customer Challenges
    • Risk to a person wearing the prototype
    • Repair cost for product breakage during test process
    • Excessive time and cost to repeat test processes every time the design changes
  • Solutions
    • Load torque validation of each joint using virtual model
    • Cost reduction for prototype manufacturing through virtual validation

2. Satellite (NASA)

  • Customer Challenges
    • Various conditions require a high amount of testing
    • Physical testing of prototypes on earth with zero gravity can be difficult or impossible
  • Solutions
    • Testing with zero gravity using virtual model
    • Automated virtual testing for multiple conditions

3. Lubricant in a transmission (Hyundai Motors)

  • Customer Challenges
    • Excessive time and cost to review various designs and operating conditions
    • Difficulty of evaluating the lubrication performance inside the transmission because of the inability to see inside the mechanism.
  • Solutions
    • Simulating lubricant behavior inside the transmission
    • Time and cost reduction through quantitative performance evaluation of various designs and operating conditions


  • Customer Challenges
    • Structural failure under the excessive operating conditions
    • Need to improve the design with reasonable time and cost
  • Solutions
    • Virtual test under excessive conditions
    • Successful reproduction of the structural failure with the simulation for further design improvements