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RecurDyn Student Version is available for free download.

You can download it for free from the RecurDyn Student Version page and a license valid for six-month will be provided.

When requesting a license, you will need the MAC address information of PC where you install RecurDyn Student Version as shown below.


If you are installing on Server Computer or using Node-Locked License, below information of a License Server Computer is needed to get License. :

  • Host Name
  • Mac Address (Physical Address)

1. To get Mac Address (Physical Address) only (Recommended)

You can get Mac Address using FindMacAddress from this link.

2. To get Host Name and Physical Address(MAC Address) both

1. Open the Run window with [Windows key + R]. Enter cmd and click OK.

  how to run cmd of Windows

2. In the CMD window, type [ipconfig/all] and press Enter.

Host Name and Physical address

3. Check the 12 digits of Mac address under ethernet adapter.

The Mac address identified by the above method can be used to issue a license for the RecurDyn Student Version.