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Load torque variation from temperature variation of lubrication fluid

  • Demonstrates the relationship of the viscosity of the lubrication fluid and load torque as the temperature of the lubrication changes. No combustion force is applied to the piston during this simulation.
  • Identifies the differences in deceleration as the temperature, and therefore, viscosity, of the lubrication fluid changes.

Reduction gear train considering the viscosity of lubrication

  • Visualizes the spray behavior of oil lubrication.
  • Allows for the actual effect of the viscosity of the lubricating fluid to be considered in the design of the reduction gear train.

Lubrication behavior in a differential gear box

  • Simulates the load torque caused by the viscosity of the lubricating fluid acting on the differential gear train.

Fuel sloshing in the fuel tank of a vehicle

  • Models the behavior of a vehicle when it drives under normal conditions and when it shakes fiercely.
  • Visualizes the fuel sloshing behavior in the fuel tank resulting from the dynamics of the vehicle.
  • Simulates the relationship between shaking of the vehicle, internal structure of the fuel tank, and fuel sloshing.

Water splash during vehicle passage through a puddle

  • Simulates the force that a fluid applies to the underside of a vehicle.
  • Visualizes the paths of the fluid’s in-flow and out-flow paths in an electric vehicle or an hybrid vehicle caused by driving through standing water on the ground.