Technical Support

RecurDyn V9R1 : MFBD 글 편집

Mesher Enhancements

Various improvements have been made to the Mesher. RecurDyn uses an upgraded mesh engine that is faster and produces higher quality meshes. Powerful new features have been added to the Mesher as well. In addition to the previously existing Extrude and Spin operations, Sweep Mesh and Remove Edge have been added to Geometry Refinement. General meshing options Chordal Error Ratio, Quad Element Only, and Minimize Triangle Element have also been added, allowing the creation of more precise and higher quality meshes.

  • Sweep Mesh: This creates a mesh of solid elements by sweeping a surface along a user-defined curve. The curve that the Sweep Mesh uses can be created in General Body or Body Edit Mode.
  • Geometry Refinement: Geometry Refinement has been improved. The Mesher now supports Remove Edge, which allows the Mesher to ignore edges in the geometry of a body. This improves the quality of the mesh when an edge in the geometry did not need to be preserved in the mesh.
  • Mesh Options: Various Mesh options have been added that can improve the quality of the mesh when high geometric precision is not required.

FFlex Enhancements for Modeling

Various improvements have been made to FFlex body modeling. Split (Mesh segmentation), Modification, and Mirror operations have been added to allow more precise FFlex body modeling.

  • Split: Creates ElementSet on the FFlex Body and separate this ElementSet into FFlex Body.
  • Modification: Creating, Modifying, and Deleting Elements: It is now possible to manually create, modify, and delete FFlex mesh elements directly in RecurDyn. The Flexible Toolbar provides the tools to perform these actions. Previously, meshes could not be manually manipulated directly from within RecruDyn. Adding additional elements, modifying node positions, and deleting elements from an FFlex mesh required exporting the mesh to a text file, manually adding or removing the text defining elements, and then re-importing the mesh. The ability to manually modify FFlex meshes directly inside of RecurDyn will make manual mesh modification much simpler.
  • Mirror: The Mirror operation found in the Home tab of the main RecurDyn menu has been extended to operate on FFlex Bodies. Meshes can be flipped, or a new mesh that includes the previous mesh and a new mirrored copy of the original mesh can be created.