Technical Support

RecurDyn V9R1 : Solver Upgrade 글 편집

RecurDyn Solver Enhancements

Various improvements have been made to solver.

  • Optimized algorithm and various options to improve the speed and accuracy of solver.
  • Accuracy improvement through algorithm upgrade for various numerical damping
    • Minimized effects on numerical damping
  • Improved accuracy for rotation(revolution?) problems
    • Step size management considering angle variation of body (1)
    • 회Algorithm improvement on rotation calculation
  • Improved analysis speed through solver optimization (2)
    • Improved SMP performance through efficiency of parallel processing
    • Improved memory handling of solver for larger model simulation
    • Solver determines the optimal algorithm according to the DOFs of the model (3)
    • Options to control the time step size of solver and the frequency of the Jacobian evaluation (4)