Technical Support

RecurDyn eTemplate 글 편집


RecurDyn/eTemplate is an automation tool that can control RecurDyn with Microsoft Excel.

  • Excel is used to store data and define models.
  • All the data needed to define a model can be saved in Excel.
  • Modeling with powerful features of Excel
  • Improved data management and operational efficiency


Creation Mode

  • Ability to automatically create a model using Excel with data in RecurDyn

Modification Mode

  • Ability to modify data for existing entities (Body, Joint, etc.) in RecurDyn model
  • Independent function from Creation Mode
  • Ability to modify existing RecurDyn models or RecurDyn models created in Creation Mode

Easy to Analysis

  • Ability to automatically simulate and draw plots using Excel sheets containing the necessary data
  • Ability to create plots with a single click by defining curve and axis information in Excel


  • Users can easily and selectively modify values of an existing model without creating a new one.


  • With a single click, users can create a model, simulate it and draw a desired plot.


  • Users can use Excel functions.


  • Users can use Excel functions such as inserting images, relative references, and macros.


  • Excel file in text form
    • Low-capacity
    • Version compatibility
    • Ability to create job history


  • Usable without knowledge of programming.
  • The order of creation is irrelevant.
    • Users do not need to consider the order.