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RecurDyn/R2R2D is a specialized toolkit for Roll-to-Roll simulation and winding simulation

RecurDyn/R2R2D (Roll-to-Roll 2D) helps you efficiently create and simulate a Roll-to-Roll system in a 2D environment. The analysis speed is very fast when using 2D analysis, and it is effective enough for models whose 3D behavior is not considered important. This Roll-to-Roll simulation toolkit can be used for analysis requiring the transfer and winding process of wire, thin plate, film, paper and textiles. It is widely used in the fields of printing equipments, batteries, and displays.

Roll-to-Roll simulation with R2R2D - plotter and battery simulator

Roll-to-Roll simulation with R2R2D



R2R2D offers a range of features for Roll-to-Roll Simulation and Winding Simulation.

  • Automated modeling functions for Roller, Guide and Workpiece (wire/thin plate)
  • Fast and accurate solver specialized for 2D Roll-to-Roll system (winding and unwinding)
  • Modeling of the Workpiece as a flexible body using MFBD (Beam element)
  • Modeling of the Workpiece wound across multiple rollers
  • Pre-winding function to model the Workpiece wound around a roller multiple times
  • Various rollers including Circle Roller
  • Automatic contact definition between Workpiece and Roller
  • Friction characteristics
  • Various sensors (Speed, Distance, Slip, Tension)
  • Mathematical air resistance model
  • Various results of the Workpiece can be reviewed (Stress, Strain, etc)

Easy Roll-toRoll Generation Using RecurDyn/R2R2D


Easy creation of rollers, guides and assemblies through intuitive UI

Precise geometry adjustment for rollers, guides and assemblies

Simulation of Roll-to-Roll system


Here are the diverse benefits of R2R2D for Roll-to-Roll system simulation.

  • Design and analyze the production and printing equipment that transports various types of thin and flexible materials through rollers or wraps them around rollers
  • Design and analyze the tension control device required in the transfer and winding process of thin plate, film, paper, textile, etc.
  • Analyze the behavior of the flexible workpiece with large deformation

2D roll-to-roll system

  • Consider the changes in weight and rotational inertia that occur during winding and unwinding
  • Predict the stress imbalance that occurs when material is stacked due to winding (defect prediction)
  • Predict the dynamic torque applied to the system
  • Various operating conditions of the complex system can be evaluated

Application Examples

Examples of Roll-to-Roll simulation and winding simulation

  • Roller transfer system of battery plate or metal sheet
  • Roller transfer system of thin film for display
  • Large-sized plotter
  • Roller transfer system of textile

RecurDyn Roll-to-Roll Application

Applications of Roll-to-Roll simulation