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RecurDyn Machinery Toolkits 글 편집


RecurDyn/Gear provides the capability to define a variety of gear geometries and gear (contact) force elements, and to assemble a gear pair with proper engagement. Gear geometries such as spur, helical, QFB and scissors gear can be created from the standard ISO parameters, or from imported CAD geometry. The effects of backlash on system behavior can be evaluated. more-01.png



RecurDyn/Chain automates the process of defining a chain system and supports standard chain entities such as sprockets, rollers (idlers), guide rails and lateral guards. Roller chain and silent chains can be modeled and analyzed in this toolkit. more-01.png



RecurDyn/Belt is used in a wide variety of fields from automotive timing and front-end accessory drives to lawn mowers, washing machines, and road milling equipment. Modeling belt and pulley systems with other CAE software requires significant time. RecurDyn/Belt makes it easier to model and simulate simple to complex three-dimensional belt drive systems. more-01.png