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Optimal FSI Solution for System Analysis

How do you solve an FSI (Fluid Structure Interaction) problem? Especially, a system dynamic analysis with fluid and co-simulation requires a high level of expertise, time, and cost for CAE, MBD, and CFD. RecurDyn provides an interface specialized for co-simulation with CFD software, Particleworks, to easily solve this challenging FSI problem.

*FSI (fluid structure interaction) is also called, 'coupled fe cfd' or 'fe cfd coupling'

Advanced fluid structure interaction (FSI) using RecurDyn and Particleworks


  • The world's first interface specialized for co-simulation between dynamics analysis and fluid analysis


  • Fluid creation with meshless particle method using Particleworks


  • Modeling for co-simulation can be simply completed by selecting a rigid body or a flexible body that interacts with fluid in the existing RecurDyn system model
  • Easy import of bodies (parts) that interact with fluids into Particleworks for fluid modeling
  • Developed as an interface specialized for RecurDyn and Particleworks, it is easy to connect two software with simple settings
  • Supports Contour Animation for velocity of fluid particles


  • Supports Contour Animation for contact force, stress, and strain of flexible bodies interacting with fluid particles in the system
  • Quantitatively checks the amount of fluid in a specific area during system behavior


  • Tracks the movement trajectory of fluid
  • Tracks the changes of fluid surface


  • Corresponds to multithread (OpenMP), multiprocess (MPI) and SSE/AVX of CPU
  • Recognized as an official application using NVIDIA’s CUDA
  • It is possible to use a bidirectional heat transfer function between the RecurDyn FFlex Body and the Particleworks Fluid particles.​
  • This feature predicts the cooling and heating of the body by the fluid and the corresponding expansion and contraction of the body structure.​


Easy co-simulation using RecurDyn/Particleworks Interface

How to use the advanced fluid structure interaction (FSI) using RecurDyn flexible bodies and Particleworks 


  • Simulates the interaction between system dynamic behavior and realistic fluid behavior
  • Creating fluid particles makes it easy to apply without complicated processing such as scattering, free surface and moving boundary

        various results (Fluid Structure Interaction results) using RecurDyn x Particleworks interface

  • Intuitive user interface completes settings with just a few clicks, enabling fast pre-processing for co-simulation
  • System analysis considering interaction between fluids and flexible bodies
  • Fluid can be created using meshless particle method and efficient simulation can be performed using high-speed computation through GPU

        Fluid can be created using meshless particle method and efficient simulation can be performed using high-speed computation through GPU

  • Analysis results between system and fluids in various ways such as animation, contour, trace, etc. in RecurDyn
  • The behavior of particles calculated during co-simulation can be animated with dynamic models in RecurDyn

Application Examples

Experience the advanced fluid structure interaction (FSI)!

washing machine simulation Fluid Structure Interaction FSI using RecurDyn and Particleworks

<Washing Machine (Top Loading)>