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EDEM Interface 글 편집

The co-simulation between EDEM, particle dynamics software, and RecurDyn is supported within RecurDyn. EDEM’s particle dynamics solver and RecurDyn's robust Multi Flexible Body Dynamics (MFBD) solver perform an analysis by exchange data. This allows to obtain more accurate results for the particle behavior by dynamic systems and the load applied to the dynamics system by particle behavior (2-way simulation).

It is possible to simulate areas with a variety of physical phenomena that affect particle behavior in real industry. In addition, both RecurDyn and EDEM provide a user-friendly UI environment, making it easier and faster to perform co-simulation of system’s dynamic behavior including rigid bodies, flexible bodies and particle behavior.


  • Built-in interface specialized for co-simulation of dynamics analysis and particle dynamics as a standard feature


  • EDEM can create Discrete Element Method (DEM) particles to describe solid particles such as soil or sand
  • Modeling for co-Simulation can be simply completed by selecting a rigid body or a flexible body that interacts with fluid in the existing RecurDyn system model
  • Developed as an interface specialized for RecurDyn and EDEM, it is easy to connect two software with simple settings
  • Supports Contour Animation for particles


  • Supports Contour Animation for Contact Force, Stress, and Strain of flexible bodies interacting with particles in the system
  • Quantitatively checks the amount of particles in a specific area during system behavior


  • Tracks the movement trajectory of particle
  • Tracks the changes of particle surface



  • Simulates the interaction between system dynamic behavior and the solid particle behavior including gravel, stone, sand, and mud
  • Intuitive user interface completes settings with just a few clicks, enabling fast pre-processing for co-simulation
  • System analysis considering the interaction of rigid bodies and flexible bodies with solid particles
  • Analysis results between system and solids in various ways such as animation, contour, trace, etc. in RecurDyn
  • The behavior of particles calculated during co-simulation can be animated with dynamic models in RecurDyn

Application Examples

Mining machinery that handles a variety of solid particles, pharmaceuticals that handle multiple particles, driving analysis of vehicles on unpaved roads, etc.

  • Automobiles/Construction machinery: Analysis considering special vehicles in off-road environments, evaluation of equipment driving characteristics, effect of bulk particles on the work, etc
  • Mining machinery: Machinery design and evaluation related to mining and transport of minerals
  • Agricultural machinery: Development and verification of various agricultural machines such as cultivators and harvesters
  • Chemical/pharmaceutical equipment: Development and evaluation of equipment for mixing, coating and transporting various raw materials