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RFlexGen 글 편집

RFlexGen is a toolkit to create RFlex bodies (RFI files) in RecurDyn.

This allows to create RFI files within RecurDyn for RFlex-based flexible body dynamics analysis without any additional FE software. FE Solver, called Dynamis, built into RecurDyn as Eigen Solver can generate RFI file using FFlex Body, RFlex Body, and Nastran Bulk File (*.bdf, *.dat).



  • Generates an RFI for an RFlex body creation
  • RFI generation using various mesh data: FFlex body, RFlex body, BDF/DAT file
  • Definition of Interface Nodes using various methods: Select Multi Node, Select NodeSet, Direct input
  • Selects DOF to calculate Constraint Mode for each interface node
  • Specifies the number of Normal Modes
  • Various options for optimizing RFI file size and processing speed
  • Confirms the DOF through the Results file (*.dof file) after creating an RFI file
  • Creates a History file (*.log file) when creating an RFI file


  • Fast and easy conversion from MBD (Multi Body Dynamics) to MFBD
  • RecurDyn/Mesher converts rigid body into flexible body (RFlex Body) while automatically preserving existing joints, forces, and contacts
  • Creates large RFI files with over 1 million nodes
  • Creates an RFI file with just a few clicks through convenient UI and performs flexible body dynamics analysis with RFlex Body
  • G-Modeling technology allows to easily convert rigid body into RFlex body (flexible body)
  • Efficient RFI file management through optimization


Creation of RFlex Body using RFlexGen