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Acoustics 글 편집

RecurDyn/Acoustics is a noise analysis toolkit that calculates the Equivalent Radiated Power (ERP), which represents the noise characteristics from the MFBD analysis results. Through the distribution of calculated ERP, it is now possible to perform the predictive analysis for noise of the mechanical system by confirming which parts of the surface of a flexible body emit more noise and which frequency band ERP is dominant.



  • Calculates the ERP for the defined PatchSet using the analysis results of an MFBD model


  • ERP calculation can be performed only for the specified time domain
  • In case of RFlex Body, additional ERP calculation for each mode
  • ERP results can be displayed on the surface of a flexible body as a contour during animation
  • ERP results can be viewed using various types of graphs through the Scope dialog


  • Toolkit for post-processing that can be performed at any time with the analysis results of Multi Flexible Body Dynamics (FFlex, RFlex)
  • Calculates the system's noise characteristics with minimal parameter inputs
  • ERP calculations can be performed for specific modes or time domains for efficient post-processing
  • Various analyses of ERP results through animated Contour and Scope
  • The contribution of each mode to the noise can be analyzed (In case of RFlex)