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Gear 글 편집

RecurDyn/Gear provides the easier modeling and the analysis of complicated gear train system in the graphical user interface. RecurDyn/Gear can analyze vibration characteristics and DTE (Dynamic Transmission Error) which is occurred from the real contact characteristic among gear teeth, considering user-defined backlash and tolerance. Also, the post-process function provides to check the information about the contact normal forces and friction forces in the contact point at each time step.

RecurDyn Gear-Main


  • Graphical user interface for easy and fast model generation
  • Library of custom geometric entities:


  • Automatic gear geometry creation with automatic contact
  • Efficient contact algorithms:
    • 2D Contact
    • 3D Contact
    • Involute Analytic Contact
  • Fast and robust solver
  • Plotting of contact forces
  • Gears defined using ISO standard parameters such as module, pressure angle, number of teeth, etc.
  • Subsystem concept for efficient interaction with other model assemblies, such as in a complete engine model

Easy Gear Generation Using RecurDyn/Gear

RecurDyn Gear-Creation


  • Model and simulate sophisticated models with gear trains quickly
  • Obtain dynamic load history for stress and fatigue analysis
  • Perform “what if” studies in order to refine:
    • gear tooth profiles
    • gear stiffness
    • shaft stiffness
  • Study product dynamics:
    • transient conditions at start-up
    • failure conditions at high speed

      RecurDyn Gear-Camera modeling

               Camera modeling using RecurDyn/Gear

Application Examples

  • Motor driven machine such as transportation equipment or wind-turbine engine
  • Driving part design of washing machine or dryer
  • Analysis of vibration and noise in a gear box

        RecurDyn Gear-Application