Technical Support

RecurDyn V9R3 - UI Convenience & Professional 글 편집

Relation Map Enhancements

The Relation Map has been improved to better understand the relationships between entities. The new diagram option allows connection relationship diagrams to be displayed left to right. Rigid bodies, Flexible bodies, Joints, Forces, Contacts, PP, PV, and Groups are displayed with different icons through icon support for each entity. The Relation Map helps the user intuitively understand complex connection relationships.

RecurDyn Relation Map

The Highlight function has been added to emphasize the lines associated with selected entities. The entities can be also sorted in three ways such as Default, Name, and Type. The Properties window of an entity can be easily opened by right-clicking on the selected entity in the diagram.

Campbell Diagram

The 2D Campbell Diagram function has been improved and a 3D Campbell Diagram function has been added. This function is used to analyze the vibration characteristics of a rotating body.

  • Support for Campbell Diagram (3D) with new charts separate from existing Campbell Diagrams
  • New charts for both 2D (Color Map) and 3D (Waterfall)
  • Lighter and faster Campbell Diagram reduces analysis time
  • Order Line display on Campbell Diagram (only for 2D)
  • Section View display (only for 2D)
  • Various other graphing options

RecurDyn Campbell Diagram

Campbell Diagrams allow users to check the vibration characteristics and rotation speed of a rotating body. The new and improved Campbell Diagrams are lighter and faster enabling faster analysis. The new 3D graph function allows users to intuitively understand graphs of RPM, Frequency and Amplitude. In addition, various vibration characteristics on the new graphs can be easily understood using the Order Line and Section View functions.

Contour and Contact Pressure for Rigid Body

It is now possible to calculate the Contact Pressure for a rigid body using a Geo Surface Contact. Users can choose whether to display the Contact Pressure by using the rigid body Contour function. For reference, the Contact Pressure for the Base Geometry (Surface Type) can be calculated for Geo Sphere/Cylinder Contacts.

Contour and Contact Pressure for Rigid Body of RecurDyn

It is now possible to check the Contact Pressure results for a contact between rigid bodies to better understand how the dynamic behavior of the entire system affects the durability of a specific part.