Technical Support

RecurDyn V9R3 - Multi Flexible Body Dynamics 글 편집

Mesher Enhancements

Various improvements have been made to the Mesher. The order of icons related to Mesher functions has been changed to fit the normal work order when using the Mesher. 


With the improved Extrude/Sweep Manual Mesh, users can easily create uniform meshes for a bevel or helical gear.

Sweep Manual Mesh

Imprint Line/Patch Set has been added to imprint using the Line Set or Patch Set of a FFlex body that is in contact with the target body to be meshed. This function can be very useful when using the Multi Mesh feature.

Imprint Line/Patch Set

FFlex and RFlex Enhancements

Functions related to pre-processing and post-processing of FFlex and RFlex have been improved for more convenient operation. The new function 'Delete Unused Flexible Material and Properties' has been added to automatically delete unused materials and properties. User can select Patch or Line type in the Add/Remove (Continuous) option when generating a Node Set, BC, or Output for Beams.

The legend display has been improved. The information displayed in the legend is now more specific when exporting Contour Data or when using Add to Plot. Node, Patch, Line and Element Set are selectable when selecting by Node, .

FFlex and RFlex Enhancements

Pre-processing and post-processing for FFlex and RFlex have been improved. The processing speed is faster for solver file generation (Export RMD), result file generation for flexible bodies (Output File Regenerator), result animation generation for flexible bodies (Animation), etc. It also takes less time to open a large model file with a flexible body or to switch to FFlex Body Edit Mode.

  • Speed to open a large model file with flexible bodies / Speed to switch from FFlex Body Edit Mode to Assembly Edit Mode: 1.5 to 2 times faster on average (up to 5 times faster when there are many Solid10 elements)
  • Solver file generation with FFlex (Export RMD): about 2.5 times faster
  • Generation speed of a flexible body result file (Displacement Data (*.rfa)): About 2 times faster than RecurDyn V9R2 when post-processing or Output Regenerator is executed after analysis
  • Importing an animation file and playing an animation with flexible bodies: Improved speed for models with more than 100,000 elements

FFlex and RFlex Enhancements