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Chain 글 편집

RecurDyn/Chain automates the process of defining a chain system and supports standard chain entities such as sprockets, rollers (idlers), guide rails and lateral guards. Roller chain and silent chains can be modeled and analyzed in this toolkit.

Chain system simulation using RecurDyn/Chain

Chain system simulation using RecurDyn/Chain


  • Graphical user interface for easy and fast model generation
  • Library of custom geometric entities:


  • Graphical or spreadsheet design of sprocket teeth profile
  • Automatic chain assembly with automatic contact
  • Efficient contact algorithms
  • Fast & robust solver
  • Plotting of contact forces and chain tension
  • Subsystem concept for efficient interaction with other model assemblies, such as in a complete engine model

Easy Chain Generation Using RecurDyn/Chain

RecurDyn Chain-Creation


  • Model & simulate sophisticated products quickly
  • Obtain dynamic load history for stress & fatigue analysis
  • Perform “what if” studies in order to refine:
    • sprocket teeth profile design
    • chain link design
    • guide design
  • Study product dynamics:
    • vibration excited by contact with discrete links
    • failure conditions at high speed
  • Design tensioning devices to optimize chain tension


                                                                                                                  RecurDyn Chian- modeling

                    Chain modeling using RecurDyn/Chain

Application Examples

  • Evaluation of the system which includes chain
  • Interference check between chains and parts during operation of automation equipment
  • Lubrication characteristics of chain system (Particleworks interface is required)

         RecurDyn Chain-Application