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Parameter Designer 글 편집

CAE engineers at major companies around the world use RecurDyn to simulate and verify the system behavior. In recent years, to increase the efficiency of product development process, design engineers who are not familiar with CAE software often need to evaluate the design adequacy according to the changes of product design.

Parameter Designer allows the user to change the design parameters, perform the simulations in RecurDyn, and view the graphs of results in one Microsoft Excel document. Therefore, any design engineer familiar with the Microsoft Excel interface can easily perform multi-body dynamics analysis using Parameter Designer in RecurDyn.


Therefore, designers can perform optimal design based on CAE analysis, and can quickly collect and share the results of design parameter changes, enabling improved collaboration with other design departments. In addition, CAE analysis information is also available to extensive designs and further tests in other departments.

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Design Engineer

  • Directly conducts case studies without feedback from CAE engineers.
  • Analyzes simulation results without any knowledge of RecurDyn or CAE.
  • Analysis Reports can be quickly and easily created as parameter corrections, simulations, and result analyses can be performed in the Microsoft Excel environment.
  • Design engineers can evaluate the adequacy of changed design parameters.

CAE Engineer

  • Significantly reduces endless design-simulation collaboration works with design engineers.
  • Convenience for repetitive parameter modification tasks
  • Useful for design parameter managements by grouping model characteristics, design parameters, and solver settings in a single Excel document.
  • Easily view the frequently used analysis results by organizing them in a single Excel document.

Easy Simulation Using Parameter Designer



  • Modifies design parameters, performs dynamics analysis, and analyze results in Excel, which most engineers are familiar with.
  • Analysis results can be easily viewed without knowledge of RecurDyn and CAE.
  • Selectively saves various modeling parameters in an Excel file by executing Export for RecurDyn models.

RecurDyn Parameters Supported in Parameter Designer