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MTT3D 글 편집

RecurDyn/MTT3D (Media Transport Toolkit 3D) helps you efficiently create and simulate a sophisticated model of flexible media being transported by a mechanical system in a 3D environment. This toolkit can be effectively used for models whose 3D behavior is considered important and for analysis of flexible bodies.



  • Automated modeling functions for Sheet, Roller and Guide:


  • Fast and accurate solver specialized for 3D media transportation system
  • Shell element Sheet specialized for MTT3D
  • Material characteristics for the flexible sheet (isotropic and orthotropic)
  • Modeling of the folding sheet with initial curl
  • Automatic contact definition among Sheet, Roller and Guide
  • Friction characteristics
  • Guide creation from 3D CAD geometry
  • Various sensors (Distance, Speed, Event (On/Off), Tension)
  • Air resistance force and static electricity can be modeled using Nodal force
  • Special parametric values provide access to important design parameters
  • Contour plot for the displacement, stress, strain of the sheet (can be exported)
  • Automatic generation of relevant outputs for a sheet feeding system

Easy MTT3D Generation Using RecurDyn/MTT3D

RecurDyn MTT3D-Creation


  • Simulate the 3D movement of a sheet through a media path easily.
  • Applications include devices such as a printer, copier, fax, or other sheet and film feeding products.
  • Analyze the behavior of the flexible media with the large deformation.
  • Analyze the cause of the malfunctions such as jamming
  • Use various sets of the basic properties of the media
    • Basis weight (or mass), size, bending property, etc.
  • Predict the dynamic torque applied to the system
  • Evaluation of the different characteristics of the sheet due to temperature and humidity extremes
    • Frictional properties (Sheet-Sheet, Sheet-Roller, Sheet-Guide)
    • electrical properties (Nodal force can be used)
  • Various operating conditions of the complex system can be evaluated 
    • Different rotating speeds of the driving rollers and the driven rollers
    • Roller control with timing diagram (On/Off, acceleration/deceleration)

RecurDyn MTT3D-Modeling

3D behavior analysis of
paper using MTT3D
Application Examples
  • Office equipment such as a printer, copier and fax machine
  • ATM, Bill counter

         RecurDyn MTT3D-Application