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MTT3D 글 편집

RecurDyn/MTT3D is a specialized toolkit for media transportation system simulation such as printers, copiers, ATMs, within a 3D environment.

RecurDyn/MTT3D (Media Transport Toolkit 3D) helps you efficiently create and simulate a sophisticated model of flexible media being transported by a mechanical system in a 3D environment. This toolkit can be effectively used for models whose 3D behavior is considered important and for analysis of flexible bodies. This can be used for simulation of copiers, printers, ATMs and others that handle media such as paper and film. Simulation using this 3D media transport toolkit is widely used by many global companies related to printing equipments such as printers, copiers.

Printer simulator - MTT3D - Media Transport Printer Copier

Printer simulation using MTT3D


MTT3D offers a range of features for Media transpotation system such as printers, copiers and others.

  • Automated modeling functions for Sheet, Roller and Guide:


  • Fast and accurate solver specialized for 3D media transportation system like printers/copy machines
  • Shell element Sheet specialized for MTT3D
  • Material characteristics for the flexible sheet (isotropic and orthotropic)
  • Modeling of the folding sheet with initial curl
  • Automatic contact definition among Sheet, Roller and Guide
  • Friction characteristics
  • Guide creation from 3D CAD geometry
  • Various sensors (Distance, Speed, Event (On/Off), Tension)
  • Air resistance force and static electricity can be modeled using Nodal force
  • Special parametric values provide access to important design parameters
  • Contour plot for the displacement, stress, strain of the sheet (can be exported)
  • Automatic generation of relevant outputs for a sheet feeding system simulation

Easy MTT3D Generation and Simulation Using RecurDyn/MTT3D

RecurDyn MTT3D-Creation


Here are the diverse benefits of MTT3D for media transportation system simulation (printers, copy machines, ...)

  • Simulate the 3D movement of a sheet through a media path easily.
  • Applications include devices such as a printer, copier, fax, or other sheet and film feeding products.
  • Analyze the behavior of the flexible media with the large deformation.
  • Analyze the cause of the malfunctions such as jamming
  • Use various sets of the basic properties of the media
    • Basis weight (or mass), size, bending property, etc.
  • Predict the dynamic torque applied to the system
  • Evaluation of the different characteristics of the sheet due to temperature and humidity extremes
    • Frictional properties (Sheet-Sheet, Sheet-Roller, Sheet-Guide)
    • electrical properties (Nodal force can be used)
  • Various operating conditions of the complex system can be evaluated
    • Different rotating speeds of the driving rollers and the driven rollers
    • Roller control with timing diagram (On/Off, acceleration/deceleration)

RecurDyn MTT3D-Modeling

Simulation of the 3D behavior of paper using MTT3D
Application Examples

Examples of Media Transport Simulation

  • Office equipment such as a printer, copier and fax machine
  • ATM, Bill counter

RecurDyn MTT3D-Application

* MTT3D is widely used not only for printer and copier simulations but also for ATM and FAX simulations involving 3D phenomena.

* Major printer and copier manufacturers around the world utilize MTT3D simulation in their product design.