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TrackHM 글 편집

RecurDyn/TrackHM (Track High Mobility) gives the ability to simulate military-style tracked vehicles such as tanks, armored vehicles, where the track shoes are typically defined as a combination of a steel frame and track pads. Band track with similar characteristics can also be modeled. The toolkit supports the definitions of track links, sprockets, roadwheels, idlers and the initial track shoe which is replicated along a user-defined path.

TrackHM is a fast, accurate, and user-friendly track simulation toolkit, often used for the simulation of military vehicles, including:

  • The simulation of tank behavior
  • The simulation of armored vehicle

Tank simulator using RecurDyn track toolkit

Tank simulation using TrackHM


  • Graphical user interface for easy and fast modeling and simulation of track assembly for military vehicles
  • Fast and accurate simulation solver specialized for track assembly
  • Various libraties of custom 3D geometric entities for high mobility tracked vehicle.

Features of track toolkit - sprocket - wheel - track link

  • Graphical design of sprocket teeth profile (lines and arcs) and track link shoe pad profile
  • Automated track assembly modeling
  • Efficient contact algorithms yield fast, robust simulations
  • Easy creation of terrains, with a library of standard proving grounds
  • The subsystem capability allows for the separate creation and simulation of each track assembly, followed by their integration into a single tracked vehicle model for comprehensive simulation
  • Soil modeling with Bekkers theory 
  • Plotting of specific results such as track link contact forces and track tension

Easy Track Generation and Simulation Using RecurDyn/TrackHM

RecurDyn TrackHM-Creating


  • Easy and fast modeling and simulation of tracked vehicles such as tanks, armored vehicles
  • Calculate dynamic load history for stress and fatigue analysis
  • Study dynamic performance of military vehicles
    • Evaluation of the ride quality, the crew comfort, and the safety
    • Observe vibration due to discrete track links
    • See separation of track link from sprocket and idler
    • Use library with various terrains (bump, trench, ditch, cross country)
  • Component Optimization
    • Sprocket teeth profile design
    • Shoe pad shape design
  • Optimize suspension spring rates, damping and controller (whether passive, semi-active, or active)
  • Optimize track tensioner to stabilize tension
  • Evaluate the performance of turret and weapon controllers during tracked vehicle maneuvers.

RecurDyn TrackHM-Modeling

Tank simulation using RecurDyn/TrackHM

Application Examples

  • Military vehicles such as armored vehicles, tanks, and personnel carriers
  • Recreational vehicles equipped with caterpillar such as snowmobiles

         RecurDyn TrackHM-Application

Simulation of Tank
Crossing obstacles using track assembly

Driving simulation of an armored vehicle