Technical Support

RecurDyn V9R1 : UI Convenience 글 편집

Parameter Template

If a user frequently uses certain values, Parameter Templates can save a lot of time, reduce the number of modeling mistakes, and improve the effectiveness of collaboration at work. Frequently used input parameters and options can be stored in file then loaded manually or automatically and applied as the initial values when Joint, Force, Contact, etc are created. It also supports saving, importing and exporting so that you can use them in other modeling tasks in the future.

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The list of supported parameters

  • Joint: Cylindrical, Screw, On/Off, PTCV, CVCV
  • Force: Bushing, Matrix, Beam, Beam Group, Plate
  • Contact: All Contact entities are supported.
  • MTT2D: Sheet, Fixed/Movable Roller, GuideBody, Fixed/Movable Roller (Flexible), Arc/Linear/PEdge Guide, Sheet To Sheet Contact (SPV is not supported)
  • MTT3D: Sheet Shell, Fixed/Movable Roller, Arc/Linear/PEdge Guide, Sheet To Surface/Sheet To Sphere/Sheet To Torus Contact (SPV is not supported)

Multi Animation

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It is now much easier to visually compare the motion of multiple simulations, which should significantly improve the ability to analyze the effects of changes to model parameters. Up to four animations can be simultaneously viewed by using Split Windows and newly added Animation Control.

Database Enhancements

The Database Window now has an entity filter which allows the entities to be filtered by type. When an entity type is selected, it is displayed in the Database Window. The entities can be sorted by name or creation order. The entity icon for joints in the Database window now changes if the joint has motion or friction is applied to it. The changes to the Database Window make it easier to find the entities of interest.

  • To apply a filter in the database window: Click the filter button in the upper right corner of the database window.
  • To apply database filter in setting: Use: [Home Tab > Setting Group > Database] In this case, Alignment is also available.
  • If motion or friction is applied to the joint, the icon for the entity in the Database Window is modified to show this.

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