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Released in October 2017, RecurDyn V9R1 has enhanced modeling capabilities and contact analysis for MBD (Multi-Body Dynamics) analysis.

Upgrading the Mesher core engine for easier and more accurate MFBD (Multi-Flexible Body Dynamics) analysis and adding new toolkits for multidisciplinary analysis solutions implemented in one environment will maximize user's design performance.

Let's take a closer look at the Mesher upgrade in this article.

In RecurDyn V9R1, the core engine and Auto Mesh in Mesher were largely upgraded. The Mesher upgrade is an important feature that affects the performance and accuracy of MFBD (Multi-Flexible Body Dynamics) analysis containing flexible bodies.

Followed by the last article related to the Mesh core engine upgrade and Auto Mesh, the tutorial related to the improvements of main functions on Mesher in RecurDyn V9R1 will be a main topic in this article.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience more powerful RecurDyn/Mesher than ever!

RecurDyn V9R1 Mesher Tutorial & Example model

Download (PDF)
Download (Example model)

RecurDyn V9R1 Mesher Tutorial

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