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This model shows that BodyDriving is rotating and BodyDriven that receives the force from it rotates together.

Example file: One-way-clutch-V8R3

Now, let's create a model that works on a one-way clutch as follows.

1) When BodyDriving rotates clockwise, BodyDriven rotates together.

2) When BodyDriving rotates counterclockwise, the BodyDriven stays still.  

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To simulate a one-way clutch, this model has the following features:

  • Rotational Axial Force (Torque) has been used between BodyDriving and BodyDriven.
  • Two Expressions has been used in this model.
    1. Ex1 = 2*PI*sin(time)

Sin function has been used to rotate BodyDriving back and forth in a counterclockwise/clockwise direction. 2. Ex2 = IF( WZ(1,2) : -100000*WZ(1,3), 0, -300000) This value is used as the torque acting on between BodyDriven and BodyDriving.

Marker #1: BodyDriven.Marker1

Marker #2: BodyDriving.Marker1

Marker #3: Ground.Marker_Driven2

For reference, WZ (1, 2) means the rotational angular velocity of marker 1 on the z axis for marker 2.

When WZ (1,2) is negative number: 100000*WZ(1,3)

When WZ (1,2) is positive number: -300000

Ex2 is used for Rotational Axial Force, and it works as follows.

  • When WZ (1,2) is negative number (BodyDriving rotates counterclockwise), Expression function acts as a damping for BodyDriven and makes it stop.

In other words, -100000*WZ (1, 3) is the torque in the opposite direction, that is inversely proportional to the speed of the BodyDriven for the ground. Therefore, when rotating in the idle situation, the torque acts in the direction that suppresses rotation.

  • If WZ (1,2) is positive number (BodyDriving rotates clockwise), a larger torque value acts on the BodyDriven, causing it to rotate in the same direction with BodyDriven.


[Additional Notes]

  • If you change Ex2 to IF (WZ (1,2): 300000, 0, -300000), BodyDriven rotates together with BodyDriving in any direction.
  • If the item that acts as a damping in Ex2 is deleted and Ex2 is modeled with the Expression of IF (WZ (1,2): 0, 0, -300000), Driven continues to rotate by inertia even if Driving stops after rotating clockwise.