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Topic: Understanding the Dynamics of NASA Deployable Space Structures using Flexible Multibody Dynamics 

Presenter: Brant Ross (EnginSoft USA | MotionPort )

It is critical that deployable space structures, such as solar arrays and antennas, deploy reliably once the spacecraft or satellite is in space. In the past the simulation of large flexible space structures was done as a linear dynamics problem, considering a combination of modal representations of the flexible bodies. But as solar arrays increase in size nonlinear dynamics techniques are increasingly needed in order to consider large displacements in the structures as well as the momentum of the sections of the structure in motion.

[Webinar Agenda]

• Overview of NASA problem definition

• Application of Flexible Multibody Dynamics (Nonlinear Dynamics)

• Review of Results

• How these results apply to other industries

• Demonstration of RecurDyn software used for study 

• Q & A

You can find the papers related to this webinar by clicking on the link below. 

1. Application of RecurDyn to Space Structures

2. (Paper 1) Active Control of Solar Array Dynamics During Spacecraft Maneuvers

3. (Paper 2) Simulation of the Deployment of a Flexible Roll-Up Solar Array Using Multi-Body Dynamics Software

Original source: From EnginSoft USA ( )