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RecurDyn Student Version is free for all students for 6 months. The following are the things you should review before installing RecurDyn Student Version.

If you are installing RecurDyn Student Version for the first time for classes, assignments, or self-study, it will be of great help for an amazing CAE simulation experience by referring to the following.


RecurDyn Student Version is free for all students, but there are some limitations.

  • The maximum number of bodies that can be created is 20.
  • When importing external CAD, only Parasolid files (*.x_t, *.x_b) less than 1MB are possible.
  • Only three types of Contact (Sphere To Sphere, Sphere In Sphere, Extended Surface To Surface Contact) are available.
  • Model files (*.rdyn) and Plot files (*.rplt) are not compatible between the RecurDyn Student Version and the Full version. (Limited compatibility is provided for donation licenses for universities. For more information. please access to 'Contact Us'.)

How to Issue and Install a License

You can download the installation files and apply for a license from the RecurDyn Student Version download page above.

1. First, click the' DOWNLOAD NOW' button to download the RecurDyn Student Version.


2. While the download is in progress, apply for a license.

For more information on how to enter the 'physical address' when applying for a license, please refer to the following.


3. Check the issued license file

The RecurDyn Student Version license file (RecurDyn–License-physicaladdress.dat) will be delivered to the email you entered when applying for a license. Most of them can be received within a few minutes. If you do not receive the license file soon, please check your junk mail or go to 'Contact Us' .

4. RecurDyn Student Version installation and license application

After downloading the RecurDyn Student Version installation file, unzip it and proceed with the installation.

When the installation is complete, apply the license you received by e-mail as follows.

  • Download the license file delivered by email to a random path.
  • In this case, only alphabets and numbers should be used for the license file name and the full path name where the license is located.
  • After installing the RecurDyn Student Version, run RecurDyn License Manager (location: RecurDyn V9R4 (64-bit) Student > License)
  • When the window below appears, specify the path where the license file is saved and click the OK button.


Cad Import

Modeling for dynamic analysis can be performed by importing CAD created in external CAD software into RecurDyn Student Version. RecurDyn Student Version only supports compatibility with Parasolid files (*.x_t, *.x_b) files smaller than 1MB. Export the CAD work done in CAD programs such as Solidworks, CATIA, Inventor, etc. as a Parasolid file (*.x_t, *.x_b) and import it into RecurDyn by exporting or save as.

  • CAD files that can be imported into RecurDyn: *.x_t / *.x_b
  • CAD files that cannot be imported into RecurDyn: *.x_t / *.x_b

How to Solve Installation Error Problems

In some cases, the message error window of 'The following files were auto-registered or not registered.' displays as the screenshot below.

This issue is an intermittent bug with Windows 10. Only error messages are displayed but there is no problem in using RecurDyn Student Version. If you see that error message, click the OK button to finish the installation.


How to Solve Execution Errors

1. Physical Address related errors

If the Physical Address entered when applying for a license is different from the actual Physical Address of your PC where the current RecurDyn Student Version is installed, RecurDyn will not run properly. If you see an error message similar to the one in the screenshot below, it is most likely a problem with the Physical Address.


In this case, recheck the current PC's Physical Address and apply for another license with the correct Physical Address. For license issuance application, refer to ' How to Issue and Install a License' above.

2. The path where the license file is saved must not contain any Korean. All folder names in the path where the license file is saved must be in English.

3. Errors regarding files in future time

Occasionally, files from a future time zone may exist on the user's PC. It occurs when the saved or modified time is in the future, not in the current time. If the message 'FlexNet Licensing error:-96,7' is displayed as shown below, it may be that problem.


In this case, if the user intentionally has created a file with the future time, you can simply remove that file. But, if a virus or other unintentionally wrong file is created, it is recommended to reinstall after formatting the PC.

4. Solver registration error

After installing RecurDyn Student Version and clicking the Simulate button to perform simulation in Dynamic/Kinematic Analysis, the error messages such as 'Class is not registered.', and 'Cannot start the Recurdyn (TM) Solver.' may appear.

Class not registered.png     에러2.png

In this case, the problem can be solved simply by double-clicking the batch file to register the RecurDyn Solver.

Compatibility between RecurDyn Student Version and Donation Version for University

RecurDyn is currently available in many universities' computer labs and research labs with the RecurDyn University Donation Program. RecurDyn installed in these labs is RecurDyn full version.

It ensures file compatibility in only one direction, as shown below.

  • Free RecurDyn Student Version to use at home >> RecurDyn Version for computers in universities’ labs

Even in the case of such compatibility, it is not normally processed, so that you must contact FunctionBay directly to request this processing.

However, the reverse direction is not supported. [RecurDyn file created in computer labs in the universities >> RecurDyn Student Version]

Please note the compatibility issues when working on the team project tasks.