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Durability - Toolkit for Fatigue Analysis 글 편집

RecurDyn/Durability is a toolkit for fatigue analysis

RecurDyn/Durability is a toolkit for fatigue analysis that calculates fatigue strength and durability such as fatigue life, fatigue damage, and safety factor from the stress and strain results of a flexible body obtained through MFBD (Multi Flexible Body Dynamics) analysis. This fatigue analysis toolkit provides the prediction theory for engineering fatigue and about 180 material libraries.

In RecurDyn environment, the dynamic analysis of rigid bodies and flexible bodies and the calculation of fatigue strength can be performed quickly and easily without exchanging data with other software. Both FFlex and RFlex are supported the fatigue analysis using Durability.

RecurDyn - durability - FunctionBay

<Rainbow counting results with fatigue analysis using Durability toolkit>


  • Supports various fatigue analysis theory
  • (Manson-Coffin, ASME, Brown-Miller, Morrow, Smith-Watson-Topper, Goodman, Gerber)

RecurDyn Durability supports various fatigue analysis theories

  • Provides about 180 material libraries

Various material libraries of Durablity toolkit for fatigue analysis

  • Supports User-Define S-N Curve (Linear/Exponential Interpolation Type, Mean Stress Effect)
  • Supports both FFlex and RFlex for fatigue analysis
  • Visually displays the Damage Vector and Maximum Damage Vector through the contour

Damage direction vector display in RecurDyn Durability for fatigue simulation

  • The Safety Factor for the desired Node or Patch in the contour result

Safety factor display in RecurDyn Durability for fatigue analysis

  • Displays Rainflow Counting in Microsoft Excel for fatigue analysis

Rainflow counting in RecurDyn durability

  • Displays Stress/Strain Time History as a graph in RecurDyn
  • Calculates Rainflow Counting and Time History results for the specified patch


  • Easily performs from flexible body dynamics to durability analysis in RecurDyn without exchanging data with other software

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