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This presentation will introduce several simple but practical examples such as construction equipment (a wheel loader), deployment of a solar array for a satellite, two-wheeled vehicle dynamics while in operation, a hand press and connecting rod including a flexible body. All of these models will be optimized using software that is based on the progressive meta-model method (RecurDyn/AutoDesign)

Index (Quick Access)

00:24 1. Overview of Optimization

07:54 2. Formulation/Modeling of the optimization problem

11:42 3. RecurDyn/AutoDesign

20:22 4. Practices to select the design variables and objective functions

  • 20:39 #1 Optimization of Truss Bridge
  • 25:26 #2 Optimization of Wheel Loader
  • 28:36 #3 Optimization of Satellite
  • 32:13 #4 Optimization of Hand press (Puncher)
  • 34:21 #5 Two-wheeled vehicle
  • 36:29 #6 Connecting Rod (MFBD: FE-MBD Coupling)

Please note that the examples introduced here are dynamic mechanisms and that the transient behavior of the multibody system is optimized. This method optimizes the transient multibody system with a minimum number of trials.

The major topic of this presentation is to introduce best practices for deciding the design variables and the objective functions of a mechanical system for optimization. 

Each example has a different type of goal, for example to minimize the fatigue of the operator who use the hand press or to maximize the safety of the wheel loader. To achieve these goals appropriate inputs are set to the design variables and the objective functions to be optimized are defined. Then the optimization method is applied to the multibody simulation of these examples and the optimized results will be illustrated.

The purpose of this presentation is that anyone can do optimization using CAE without having a deep knowledge about optimization. These examples demonstrate the need for optimization and provide the ideas and insights about how to optimize practical mechanisms.