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Landing gear simulation result of multibody dynamics software RecurDyn

Multi-Body Dynamics (MBD) is the prediction of the motion of groups of interconnected bodies that have forces acting on them. The result of a multi body dynamics simulation is the motion of the bodies and the various interaction forces acting on and between the bodies. Multi body dynamics, as opposed to Multi Flexible Body Dynamics (MFBD), is the simulation of groups of bodies idealized as being perfectly rigid.

Multi-body dynamics simulation software predicts the motion and the interaction forces by automatically formulating differential equations to describe the motion of a system of bodies and then solving them numerically.

RecurDyn is the world’s leading Multi-Body Dynamics (MBD) simulation software. It provides the most robust, easiest to use, and most complete solution for Multi-body dynamics simulation. This multibody dynamics simulation software provides the fastest solver and the most extensive set of features of any multibody dynamics software. RecurDyn contains the most advanced technologies commercially available in a multi body dynamics simulation solution.

RecurDyn provides its robust and rapid solution through our cutting-edge technologies and advanced software engineering skill. There are many aspects of formulating the equations and solving them that are highly complex and provide challenges for most of our competitors. Through our advanced technologies, we can provide a stable, reliable solution for any of your multibody simulation needs.

Multi-body Dynamics Technologies in RecurDyn: Advanced numerical methods. The RecurDyn solver contains a collection of cutting-edge, world's leading numerical methods that help it achieve its incredible performance.

*MBD software is also called MBS software.
(Multi Body Dynamics = Multi Body Simulation)

Typical process to use Multi Body Dynamics and Multi Flexible Body Dynamics

Typical process to use Multi Body Dynamics and Multi Flexible Body Dynamics

MBD: Multibody Dynamics (or Multi-Body Dynamics)
MFBD Multi Flexible Body Dynamics
MBS: Multibody Simulation. MBD is often called MBS.

Process of Multi Body Dynamics Simulation

Differential equation solvers for Multibody Dynamics Simulation

RecurDyn contains a number of differential equation solvers, known as “integrators”, for solving the system of equations that describe the motion of the multibody systems. These equations are known as Differential Algebraic Equations (DAEs), a combination of differential equations that describe motion and algebraic equations that encapsulate joint constraints. DAEs are known to be complex to solve. RecurDyn’s integrators are robust and fast, providing rapid calculation and reliable solutions. RecurDyn’s primary multi body dynamics integrator is the Generalized-Alpha method. It also contains other, specialized solvers for various other problem types, such as for modeling tracked vehicles, such as excavators and military battle tanks.

Linear solver

RecurDyn’s linear solver is the best in class. It is a multi-frontal, direct, sparse linear solver optimized for the constrained dynamics equations found in multibody dynamics. This linear solver makes maximum use of today’s multi-core CPU technology.

World-leading contact formulation

Contact is extremely important for multi body dynamics simulations. In many mechanical systems, bodies interact with each other through bodies making contact with other bodies. Furthermore, contact is also mathematically and numerically very complex and difficult to model for most software. However, RecurDyn provides highly advanced, robust, and easy-to-use contact formulations. RecurDyn’s contact modeling allows for very rapid simulation and provides very dependable results for various multibody dynamics problems.

Advanced, Integrated, Intuitive GUI for Multibody dynamics

RecurDyn’s GUI is very powerful, yet it is easy to use because of its intuitive design. It contains a completely integrated environment for model development, simulation, and analysis of results. Pre-processing for model creation and parameter definition and post-processing for analyzing the results is integrated directly into the GUI. Bodies defined in industrial standard CAD formats can be imported to define the properties and the geometry of bodies. A wide range of customization options also exist in the GUI to improve productivity by automating common tasks.

UI of Multibody dynamics software, RecurDyn

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Note #1:

FunctionBay, Inc. is a professional developer of Multi Body Dynamics Simulation Software for the simulation of both flexible and rigid body dynamics.

RecurDyn is an interdisciplinary, CAE software whose primary function is the simulation of Multi-Body Dynamics (MBD) that is combining traditional rigid MBD with cutting-edge finite element technology for modeling flexible bodies. (MFBD: Multi Flexible Body Dynamics) , that is specialized for Multi-Body Dynamics.

RecurDyn also includes a tightly-integrated controller design tool , design optimizatio n, particle dynamics for granular materials , and durability and fatigue analysis . RecurDyn also supports co-simulation with various other CAE software tools.

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Note #2:

Multi-Body Dynamics (MBD) is also called Multibody Dynamics,

or Multi-Body Simulation (MBS) or Multibody Simulation


Multi-Body Dynamics software (MBD software) is also called: Multibody Dynamics software,

or Multi-Body Simulation software (MBS software) or Multibody Simulation software